Sunday, October 6, 2013

Title: Dexter's Final Cut
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Genre: fiction, books-to-TV, mystery

I've been on a non-fiction reading bender lately, so it was nice to take a "break" and read some fiction. That said, I had mixed feelings about this book. Lindsay's writing and Dexter's wittiness was spot on, as always, but Dexter got him into some major moral dilemmas in this book which I was uncomfortable with (Dexter, of course, was not).
A TV show is filming in Miami and Dexter and Deborah become "technical advisers" to the show. Basically, this means they become glorified babysitters for the celebrities who will be playing their characters on the show. Dexter becomes caught up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as his duties are taken a step further and he becomes bodyguard to Jackie Forrest, the beautiful starlet. Our favorite serial killer who keeps a low profile and stays in the shadows, becomes enamored with publicity, his client's fame and the wonderful food that surrounds celebrities. This infatuation with a different world causes Dexter to become dissatisfied with his "normal life" that he had previously created for himself: Rita, the kids, work, etc. As Dexter is about to make a choice that will change his life forever, his first foray into the world of humanity and human emotions comes crashing down on him.