Monday, September 24, 2012

Title: The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken
Author: Tarquin Hall
Genre: mystery

Tarquin Hall's mystery series featuring Vish Puri keep getting better and better. In this third book in the series, the reader must wade through a more complicated storyline while envisioning the colorful food and cultural mashup that is modern day India.
Vish Puri takes on a case that really doesn't suit his private detective reputation-the world record holder for the longest mustache is in need of Puri's detective skills when he wakes up one morning to find half of his mustache gone. While ruminating over the silliness of the case and possible motives, Vish Puri is witness to a dramatic death/murder of a visiting Pakistani while at a dinner party. While not officially investigating this case, curiosity and the behavior of his Mummy-ji at the dinner party compel Vish Puri to seek out justice. Vish Puri soon finds connections between his Mummy-ji and the murdered man- a connection that goes back 60 years!
When you are done with this book, you will want a heaping plate of Indian food!  Contains a glossary which defines the food and slang mentioned throughout the book and some recipes too. If you want a mystery that's not graphic, yet not saccharine sweet, you need to check the Vish Puri series by Tarquin Hall.

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