Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Title: Warm Bodies
Author: Isaac Marion
Genre: supernatural fiction, zombies, apocalyptic

I read my first zombie novel this week and it was pretty darn good....

R is a zombie living in an abandoned airport. He doesn't remember his real name, the age at which he turned, or how long he has been Dead. He lives a static, zombie existence with his fellow dead which mostly consists of shuffling, moaning and occasional hunting trips. Even though R has lost the ability to read and his vocabulary consists of simple words and shrugs, his narration is very articulate. On a random hunting trip he captures Julie and brings her back to the zombie airport. While keeping Julie prisoner, R finds that the last brain he ate (it belonged to Perry, Julie's boyfriend) is slowly changing him. First, his hunger for human flesh slowly subsides, then, he starts to dream. The more Perry's consciousness invades R's brain the more articulate R becomes. Shrugs and one-syllable words turn into short sentences. His feelings for Julie deepen and he takes Julie back to the land of the Living, only to penetrate the stadium a few days later to be with her. Mingling with the Living changes R and Julie and ultimately the world...

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