Sunday, July 21, 2013

Title: Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun
Author: Daphne Oz
Genre: non-fiction, cookbook, home decorating, fashion, makeup, women's health, motivational

Yes, Daphne Oz is Dr. Oz's daughter!
This is more of a lifestyle book (hence, all the tags I gave it) than just another cookbook. Daphne ties the concept of relishing the moment, relishing our lives to food and how we treat ourselves physically and emotionally. She wants her readers to enjoy life now, not when they're older, "For some reason or other we convince ourselves that ...we're not supposed to have it [the life we want] until we're pushing retirement." (x) "Who taught us that the life we've been waiting for kicks in when we're older, wiser, wrinklier?" (x)
Thank you, Daphne! I've also wondered why we wait until "someday" to work on our bucket list, pursue a hobby, travel, or even relax. I have heard or seen so many people wait until retirement to enjoy life but by then they are too tired or ill to travel or pursue their interests.
So how does this all tie in to food? Daphne talks about her struggles with weight and love of food as a teen. She still loves food but has gained mental control over her feelings toward food which helped jumpstart her weight loss and keep it off. She encourages her readers to be smart food shoppers and cooks so that they can have the energy, endurance, and vitality to pursue the life they want now, not in retirement.

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