Monday, March 30, 2015

Title: The Stranger You Seek
Author: Amanda Kyle Williams
Genre: mystery, suspense, thriller, Georgia author, Augusta Literary Festival author, Yerby Award winner, takes place in Georgia

Source: Augusta Literary Festival/William Gray

I met Amanda Kyle Williams at the Augusta Literary Festival last month. She won the 2015 Yerby Award for Fiction for her third book Don't Talk to Strangers. I was able to get Ms. Williams' autograph for my personal copy of her first book The Stranger You Seek. Due to school projects I was only able to read a few pages here and there until last night. Last night after finishing my term paper, I went on a 3-hour fun reading binge with The Stranger You Seek and I wasn't disappointed!

Keye Street is a private investigator, process server, bail recovery agent and recovering alcoholic. After alcoholism ruined her career as an FBI profiler, Keye remakes her life in Atlanta. While working odd assignments Keye gets pulled into profiling a serial killer terrorizing the citizens of Atlanta. At first the Wishbone Killer's victims appear to have no relation to each other. Keye must use a mixture of her wits and FBI training to pinpoint the killer's motives and protect herself, her loved ones and the citizens of Atlanta. Throw in a few plot twists and tight, quick (but not too quick) pacing, and no-nonsense writing= one of the best mystery/suspense/thriller novels I have read in a long time.

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