Sunday, May 24, 2015

Underwater- Julia McDermott

Title: Underwater
Author: Julia McDermott
Genre: suspense, Georgia author, Augusta Literary Festival author, takes place in Georgia

Candace Morgan has it all: lots of wealth, the perfect boyfriend, beautiful houses and a successful shapewear company. The one thing that keeps her from enjoying life to the fullest? Her moocher, psychologically disturbed brother, Monty. Although Candace is a successful and driven woman, guilt haunts her over an accident that happened when she and Monty were teenagers. An accident that ripped her family apart. Monty uses Candace's guilt to continually extort money from her instead of working a real job and providing for his family. In the novel, Monty and his family are living in a carriage house while Monty is supposed to be renovating a house that was financed by Candace. But instead of using Candace's money wisely, Monty is a selfish jerk that uses the money to support a hidden, second life.

Monty's wife, Helen, is also successful as a graphic designer but marriage to Monty is no paradise for her. Monty is verbally abusive to Helen, and over the years Helen has become isolated and fearful.
Monty acts even more erratic and threatening when Candace threatens to cut him off and she follows through legally. Unfortunately, Helen is caught in the middle between her husband and her sister-in-law. The ever-sneaky Monty hatches a plan to disrupt Candace's company and her bottom line. Will Candace be underwater (financially) forever?

Julia McDermott was one of the author vendors at the 2015 Augusta Literary Festival. You can check out her work here and read more the Augusta Literary Festival here.

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  1. Interesting review. I need to check this out. Thanks for supporting Georgia authors.