Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The end of America's favorite serial killer

Title: Dexter is Dead
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Genre: books to TV, thriller, suspense

Dexter is Dead is the final installment in the beloved Dexter series and picks up immediately after the final scenes in Dexter's Final Cut. Ironically, Dexter has been arrested for a series of murders he didn't commit and those closest to him are dead, have been taken away or flat out abandoned him. Dexter's brother, Brian, bonds him out of jail and hires a lawyer but Dexter soon finds out that Brian has his own dark motives for helping Dexter release out of the correctional system. While enjoying his "freedom," Dexter must underhandedly clear his name, prove he is being framed by Detective Anderson, and dispose of drug lord and his many minions that are trying to kill him and Brian.

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