Saturday, September 3, 2016

Title: Me Talk Pretty One Day
Author: David Sedaris
Genre: non-fiction, humor, memoir

I am in the (slow) process of writing a book about my adventures in Library Land. I know what you're thinking: "How can she write a book about shushing people all day." Contrary to popular belief, not all library users treat libraries as the sacred spaces they are. Libraries like all public institutions have to deal with the public, and anyone who works with the public knows that a lot of the public are crazy, irrational, mentally ill, etc. Some library situations are frustrating, others are eyebrow-raising, and most are hilarious.

I attended a writing workshop a few months ago. I sat amongst my peers at the Creative Nonfiction table and we all took turns describing our ideas. My tablemates had great ideas. Serious ideas. Sex trafficking. Horses as therapy animals for autistic children. Miscarriage. Then it was my turn. "I want to write a book about my adventures working in a library and I want it have a funny and snarky vibe." Upon seeing the baffled looks, I started telling them my stories- the funny ones- and they loved it! Now I just have to find the time... The table leader suggested that I read David Sedaris' book Me Talk Pretty One Day to get a feel for writing in a humorous style. This was a homework assignment I enjoyed. Mr. Sedaris writes short essays about his crazy family (comedienne Amy Sedaris is his sister), his childhood in North Carolina, his adventures living in NYC, and his misadventures learning French and living in France. Some stories made me chuckle and others had me laughing out loud.

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