Friday, January 11, 2013

Title: National Geographic 125 Years: Legendary Photographs, Adventures, and Discoveries That Changed the World
Author: Mark Collins Jenkins
Genre: non-fiction, adventure, travel, geography, science, journalism, photography

This is an amazing "coffee table" book that should be read by lovers of history, archaeology. travel, adventure, geography, journalism, and photography....

National Geographic (or NatGeo) is an American icon but I'm sure many Americans don't know the roots of this classic and elegant magazine: The National Geographic Society had humble beginnings as an academic and exclusive society of Washington, D.C's intellectual elite. The need for funds and an increased subscription base broadened the subscribers to armchair travelers (everyday Americans). Once photography, especially color photography, was added to the pages, the subscription rate soared and the rest is history....

(Jenkins is the chief historian for the NatGeo archives and as someone who works in the local history field, I think this sounds like an awesome job!)

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