Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Title: Pie Town
Author: Lynne Hinton
Genre: Christian/inspirational fiction

This was a cute and quick read that wasn't too sappy or preachy; however, I was shocked to see swear words in a Christian fiction novel. I know some Christian fiction has gotten more edgy in the last few years but this really surprised me...

Pie Town. A homey name for a small town that conjures up pies, home cooking, and love. Unfortunately, Pie Town does not live up to its name or warm and fuzzy connotations. First, there is no pie (the bakery shut down years ago) and, second, the Pie Town residents are not the friendliest of small-town welcoming committees.

Father George Morris was sent to Pie Town by the diocese for his first calling out of seminary. Father George was hoping and praying for a parish in a Third World country. Why? Because he is running from a secret that would threaten his reputation and calling as a priest.

Trina has been wandering since she was a teen. After finding out that her latest, sweet-talking trucker boyfriend was older than expected, plus married with two children, she literally walked out on him and towards Pie Town.

Although the residents of Pie Town may be judgmental to strangers and newcomers, the townsfolk rally around Alex, an 11 year-old  boy with spina bifida. Alex is considered by many to be the heartbeat of the community. Soon after Father George and Trina arrive in town, Alex's condition worsens; Alex's worsening physical condition sharpens his senses about the supernatural world and after a tragedy, with a little help from above, he rallies the town one last time.

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