Sunday, May 12, 2013

Title: Dead Ever After
Author: Charlaine Harris
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, books on TV

The latest and last in the Sookie Stackhouse series...After bringing Sam back from the dead using the cluviel dor, Sookie is dumbfounded by Sam's stiffness around her and Eric's silence. A frenemy from the past (Arlene) is released from jail and comes back to Merlotte's looking for a job. Since Sookie is  part owner, that ain't happening. The next day Arlene is found dead with Sookie's scarf around her neck. When Sookie is arrested for murder, the supes and humans come to her defense financially and legally and start their own investigation into who has it in for Sookie (the list gets longer with each book). Sookie finds new love that has been under her nose all the time... and that is all I'm going to say without accidentally giving away any spoilers. A satisfying ending to an enjoyable series.

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