Sunday, August 9, 2015

Spotlight on Service Dogs

Title: Seven Days to Goodbye
Author: Sheri S. Levy
Genre: middle grade fiction, takes place in South Carolina, South Carolina author, South Carolina Book Festival author

Seven Days to Goodbye takes place during a week of roller coaster emotions for our protagonist, Trina. Trina has been busy for a year with schoolwork and fostering and training Sydney, a border collie service dog. In the book, this is Trina's last week with Sydney as he must be returned to the service dog organization to find his fur-ever family and a child that will need his protection. While Trina is happy that she is going on a vacation to the beach with her family and her best friend, the thought of parting from Sydney makes her heart ache even though it's for a good cause. At first there is some friction between Trina and Sarah since Sarah seems more boy-and-clothes focused than Trina. They soon make up over sea turtle watching, playing in the surf, and walks along the beach. Sydney makes a new friend too with a little autistic boy named Logan. Logan thrives around Sydney and Logan's family marvels at his progress. Logan's older brothers, Chase and Peyton, give Trina and Sarah's heart some thrills too in a blossoming yet  innocent, summer romance. 

Despite the name of the book, Seven Days to Goodbye, is not a sad book like most animal books. Spoiler alert: Sydney does not die! Although the ending is emotional, it's a happy emotional as Trina continues on in her journey of being a service dog trainer.

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