Friday, October 2, 2015

Girl Meets Class- Karin Gillespie

Title: Girl Meets Class
Author: Karin Gillespie
Genre: Georgia author, Augusta Literary Festival author, southern humor, takes place in Georgia

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been two months since my last blog post! <<<Hangs head in shame>>> Life has been a whirlwind yet again with a new semester of school starting in mid-August and a job change for me last week (I have now entered the world of academic libraries!). Today's review is for Karin Gillespie's shiny, brand-spanking new book, Girl Meets Class. That's Karin in the picture below graciously signing my book!

In Girl Meets Class, Toni Lee Wells is the typical, life-of-luxury Southern gal until one too many trips to the pokey embarrasses her family and the matriarch, Aunt Cornelia, cut off her unlimited source of funds and force her to grow up and earn her inheritance money a little early: find a job, behave yourself and keep it for a year and inherit $5 million dollars!!!

Out of desperation, Toni Lee lands a teaching job at the local "ghetto school" teaching the Special Needs students Life Skills. Toni Lee is out of league on so many fronts and things do not go smoothly  for our beloved protagonist. Her students are wild and disrespectful and her tyrannical principal is involved in a test cheating conspiracy. Good thing Toni Lee has fellow teacher (and lover) Carl Rutherford to help navigate all of this uncharted territory.

Filled with humor and a happy ending, I highly recommend this to anyone looking a humorous read with just a dash of romance!

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